Here we have a provocative, alluring game, dropping a hint at a console game “The Wolf Catches Eggs”. However, in this case, you won’t see the wolf. Just forget about that animal because here it’s replaced by a sexy striptease dancer. This hot babe spins on a pole and collects coins roll to her from 4 different sources. She has a separate movement for each of four sides. Her number one mission is not to miss coins. As you see, her life isn’t easy.

Have a good time with a nude babe

As for physics in the game, it’s based on the old model with the wolf. So, get ready to demonstrate the sharpest reaction. One missed coin takes one life. The control is executed on the main screen.

It’s represented by 4 buttons corresponding to the position of the chick on the pole. In general, the game really worth spending your time there. You won’t regret killing your time there especially considering the presence of the hot chick in the game pleasing your eyes. By the way, the game comes with a pleasant soundtrack.