We continue to talk about the intimate secrets of students and today you are waiting for two stories of lovely girls who had to exchange their hot bodies for good marks. These chicks successfully coped with their academic issues and had a good fuck.


The first our story is about a student, named Laura. On a warm spring day, Laura went to the physics teacher Mr. Gill. Well, the man was initially supposed to help the student prepare for the exam but had another plan indeed. So, instead of helping her to understand physics much better, he seduced her and they had sex.


The second story will be about a young student Nikki, who came to the university with a French teacher, Mr. Nelson to resolve her academic issues. However, having entered Nelson’s office, our heroine also discovered a physics teacher, Mr. Jill. The men grabbed the girl and forced her to have sex with them. As a result, Nikki managed to resolve all of her issues with the French language and passed exams in two subjects.