Small Penis Humiliation video

I was feeling particularly inspired (or wicked) one morning and decided to make an off-the-cuff humiliation and comparison video (see end of post). Yes, that is my tree in the background and yes it is decorated with blue balls…

When I first got into domination it was on a strictly personal level with a long-term submissive. I didn’t understand small penis humiliation and felt that men with small penises should be encouraged to consider their other strong points in bed, such as giving good oral. I firmly believed men’s obsession with penis size was ridiculous and in no way based on reality.

Three things happened to change this:

1. One of my submissives had a very small penis. I worked around this, I was patient, I was supportive, I was licked from dawn til sunset. But if I ever tried to ride I couldn’t move or it would fall out. Condoms slid off. They were baggy. And he was a premature ejaculator. After a while I just had to find other ways to amuse myself with it. Mmm… Did I mention he was a masochist?

2. I finally started to understand erotic humiliation, and how it could be erotic, for both the giver and the receiver. I could never experience it as erotic to give until I understood what it was like to enjoy it from the other end.* I had to experience it myself a few times – and find it intriguing.

* I say never but there were times when my sadism took hold and I played rough. That said there was always hesitation and remorse until I understood it from both ends.

3. I finally gave it, gave it and enjoyed every minute of it. Over and over. Until the fading shame of cutting another person’s ego down was replaced with the secret thrill of exposing his weaknesses and leaving him raw and vulnerable… of loving to make him squirm. The penis is the center of a man’s ego, after all. I saw it as an intersection of verbal sadism, male exhibitionism, submissive shame, and the kink of being inspected and judged. I’m into CFNM (oh, who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want a harem of sexy naked men on display for their amusement?) and after understanding small penis honesty from that angle it all started to click.

And the good people at LoveHoney sent me this satin smooth Inch Perfect vibrator, and it’s got a ruler on the side, in both inches and millimeters (some of you really need every bit you can coax out of a ruler, it seems). And I took one look at it and knew it would be the perfect tool to break these men. A femdom vibrator – I never thought I’d see that dream come true. Imagine the CFNM party applications… Actually I’m going to write that story now.

After all the hassle of dealing with an actual micropenis (see #1) I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. My man has something even the Inch Perfect lacks – skill, stamina, flexibility and a breathtakingly perfect G-spot hitting curve. (Actually he’s thicker too but I don’t want to swell his ego too much here. He does read this sometimes.)

NEW! Small Penis Honesty video – Ready to hear the truth about your undersized equipment? See how your little q-tip dick measures up against my 8″ vibrator. 14 minutes of crystal clear visual and verbal humiliation. (.WMV format, will convert on request)

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5 Responses to “Small Penis Humiliation video”

  1. eunichorn says:

    Wow! What a wonderful surprise to find in my New Year inbox! This is the legendary SPH (don’t you just love the way Sabrina has “reclaimed” Small Penis Humiliation as Small Penis Honesty?) video that our beloved S.I.S. has been teasing us with for so long now. And I can assure you that the waiting has been worth every blue-balled minute. This does not disappoint on any level.

    The thrill of seeing Sabrina’s beautiful, oh-so-knowing face, as well as hearing Her wickedly mocking voice as She spells out the long and short of it, is everything a subbie could want. The hand-props are an inspired choice (as are those hand gestures 😉 ), but the real buzz comes from Sabrina’s obvious enthusiasm for the subject. An unconscious gesture like hooking stray hair behind Her ear, or the way She smirks as She makes eye-contact across cyber space, bring a sense of freshness and naturalness Her performance that bring the clip to whole level beyond the well thought-out tease and denial dialogue.

    I have high hopes that this heralds the start of a series of sensual humiliation vids (well a boy can dream…). What would I put on my wish-list for the future (anybody else care to comment?)… Maybe we could see the addition of some other “warm props” (a tantalizing hint was dropped to this effect in this video). I think some supporting players would work rather wonderfully with the Inch Perfect and a suitable helping hand… More eye-contact (maybe move the monitor closer to the axis of the camera, if I can be so cheeky as to suggest room for improvement). It’s those moments where Sabrina looks straight into your eyes and tells you the shameful and yet thrilling truth that really make the hairs (etc) stand on end. She KNOWS that your ego’s been crushed many times at the moment of unveiling, She knows that You’ve had one-night stands snigger to their girlfriends afterwards, She knows you suffer from performance anxiety, that you’re frequently a premature ejaculator or a limp-dicked let down. And She knows your really guilty secret – the effect a dominant woman has on you. In short Sabrina knows you’re sitting there wanking away, mesmerized by Her presence. And the punch-line is, She lets You know She knows!

    Like I say, truly wonderful.

    Thank You, so much Sabrina!


  2. Sabrina Morgan says:

    And thank you as well for the enthusiastic and detailed feedback, neil. I’m pleased you enjoyed the video – there’s definitely more to come…

    As far as the warm props, my favorite stunt cock and I are in negotiations over that cuckolding tease video I mentioned to you. Backseam stockings, cherry red brocade corset, and some very suggestive cutaways… Oh, and that scene I was thinking of, with the viewer’s perspective from hiding inside the closet? It’s a go. 😉

  3. eunichorn says:

    Wow! That’s fantastic news. i’m puffed up so proud that little old me can inspire – in whatever small way – something as hot as the next vid sounds. So what are the rest of you under-endowed subby Sabrina fans waiting for? Give the Lady some feedback and who knows how She might twist those naughty little notions that inflame your naughty little heads…

    Way to go, girl!


  4. mithra says:

    That video sounds hot, and I love you summation of what’s in SPH for you!

    Too bad but I can’t seem to get to that video… I can’t find you on that nightflirt site… the link on this page seems to be broken. 🙁

  5. wilmer says:

    Thanks for the great post. That humiliation video sounds pretty hot to me. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more from you in the future.

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